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  [Note; a copy of these rules can be downloaded from the foot of the page]


1. In the League each team shall consist of three triples. 18 ends to be played . 2 points to be awarded to each winning triple, 1 point to each drawing triple, 4 points to the team winning the match as a whole and 2 points if the match is tied.

2. NEW TEAMS JOINING THE LEAGUE – A maximum of 2 teams may join the League in the season following their application. Once the League stands at 24 teams (i.e. 3 Divisions of 8 teams) then any new teams will be asked to go on a waiting list to await a vacancy.

3. (a) There must be a free draw for rinks at League fixtures.

    (b) The match result card, checked and signed by both Captains must be sent to the League Secretary by the HOME Club directly after the game.

4. Each Club in each division to play each other at home and away during the Season.

5. In the event of teams tying for any position  on points in the League the actual position to be to be decided by net shots advantage or disadvantage.

6. (a) All bona fide members of a competing Club are eligible to play for that Club in League matches. No player may play for more than                                                                                                                                     one Club. In the event of a Club entering more than one team, registration of players is required for ONE team. This may be made up of a maximum of 20 players. The names of registered players to be sent  to the TVLL Secretary prior to the Season commencing. The other team to consist of any bona fide members not so registered.

    (b) For Clubs with two teams entered, should the registered team be short of a player any bona fide member of that Club may play for the registered team ON TWO OCCASIONS ONLY per Season.

7. In the event of a Club playing a non bona fide player, that Club’s score for the triple in which she plays will be regarded as NIL for the purpose of awarding points under Rule 1 and the 4 match points will be awarded to the other team.

8. If a team arrives for a League match with one triple short, then Rule 7 applies.

9. (a) If a team arrives for a match with 1 triple short (or due to unforeseen circumstances can only raise two triples) the opposing team shall be awarded two points for that triple and the offending Team  will forfeit the 4 match points.

9 (b) For a Team arriving late, or a home team not ready to play at the agreed time, there will be a leeway of up to 30 minutes allowed, unless otherwise agreed by the Captains taking into account mitigating circumstances, after this the game will be given to the non-offending Team.

10.  If a match has to abandoned due to the green becoming unplayable or the conditions are considered to be dangerous to the players and the match has reached 10 ends on all rinks, then the score at that stage stands as a result of the match.  If less than 10 ends have been played on ANY rink then the match shall be replayed throughout. If the Green keeper is present, their decision is final. NO AGREEMENT TO PLAY TEN ENDS BEFORE THE MATCH HAS COMMENCED IS TO BE MADE.

If the green is deemed unplayable due to bad weather conditions 2 hours prior to the match starting time, both Captains to communicate with each other to decide:-

i.              Whether the match can be played on challenger’s green or,

ii.            Possibility to play away on opposition’s green if playable.

iii.           Failing these options arrangements MUST be made to play the fixture on another agreeable date.

iv.           If the date of a fixture is changed the TVLL Secretary must be advised immediately.

10 (a)  MATCHES MAY NOT BE CONCEDED. All matches are to be played, either with two triples or re-arranged. Any team not adhering to this rule will be asked to withdraw from the League the following Season.

11. All League fixtures to be played on Thursdays except re-arranged games which can be played on any day and at any time with the mutual agreement of the Captains and must be played by the end of the second week in September.

12. The winning teams in each Division will receive a trophy at the end of the season to be held for one year. Winners and Runners-up will receive a keepsake.

13. The bottom team in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 in each season and the top team in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 in each season.

The bottom team in Division 2 will be relegated to Division 3 in each season and the top team in Division 3 will be promoted to Division 2 each season.

Should a team drop out from the League then the Committee reserve the right to adjust the Divisions accordingly.

14. Any dispute not covered by these Rules will be settled by the Committee whose decision will be final.

15. That in the absence of a specific ruling, all games are played in accordance with Bowls England Rules.


Len Cooke,
21 Nov 2016, 01:09